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We welcome you to our site, which focuses on relief of back and body pain primarily by the use of heat.  We have many different types of heat pads, pain relief, and other items to deal with pain.  We only carry items that have been proven to be successful.  We stand behind all of our products and ship all items within a reasonable time.  If you have any question, please refer to our FAQ pages, or contact us directly from the contact us page.

Medical studies indicate that Hot Therapy is an effective pain relief solution that helps promote relaxation and reduce stress. It has been in use for centuries as a natural remedy to enhance the natural recovery process. Heat therapy also increases blood flow, which relaxes sore muscles and provides soothing comfort.


About the Owner/Manager of Anywhere Heat Pads


I am Allan Kostedt, a high school math teacher in Carlsbad, NM.  Myself and my wife, Sonja, have been living in Carlsbad, NM for the past 5 years with our 4 children ranging in age from 4 to 15yrs of age.  We have lived in 7 other previous towns since we got married in October of 1994: Portales, NM, Clovis, NM, Clayton, NM, Rankin, TX, Van Horn, TX, Miami, TX, and Tucumcari, NM.

I have been a teacher for the past 12 years, and have coached many sports during that time.

I first came across our reusable "click" heat pads when my mother brought them by the house after taking an out of town trip.  When I saw them working I was instantly curious about how they worked (check our out FAQ Page).  After finding out how they worked and listening to my mother talk about how great they worked I decided to check and see if I could become a reseller of the heat pads.  This was the first time I had ever tried to become a reseller of any product, so I was starting from scratch.  I ended up finding a supplier that would not only work with me, but offered a lifetime warranty on all of the heat pads.

I decided to start a web site Anywhere Heat Pads in order to publicize and sell the heating pads on the Internet and I purchased some to keep on stock and sell locally.  I am a fairly smart individual and have done every single thing on this website myself, with only guidance from the Internet . (If you see anything you think I can improve on, please contact us)

I have enjoyed working on the site to make it look better, and even enjoy marketing the site(some).

Thank you for you support and business.

Allan Kostedt

Check out the magic click heat pads, portable, reusable, instant heat pads you can use anywhere, anytime.