ChiOndo Heating Ceramic pack with Belt
Ceramic Heat Pad
ChiOndo Heating Ceramic pack with Belt
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The ChiOndo Heating Pad Ceramic pack with belt emits infrared heat which is harmless to the body and penetrates the skin for deep heating. The pack contains no liquid and/or plastic so it will not rupture when heated and is environmentally safe. Extremely easy to use, the ceramic pack retains heat longer than many other microwavable heating pads.

When the Heating Pad is inserted inside the Heating Belt it retains heat even longer. The belt can be wrapped around the shoulders, waist, or upper leg, or can be placed on other parts of the body. Microwave heating pad for 3 minutes , insert into the supplied Velcro belt, and have heated relief from stress and strain for up to 3 hours.

The heat pad with belt wrap is portable and be used anywhere because there are no wires. The heat pad and belt can be used while driving, watching TV, on a airplane, or even while walking around. The belt is cloth, so sticking to the skin is not a problem, and it is comfortable.

The belt makes the heat pad easy to use for upper back, lower back, or even for abdominal discomfort.

The ceramic pad measures 180 mm X 240 mm, about 7 in. X 9.5 in.
The Belt measures 220 mm X 1150 mm, about 8.5 in. X 45 in.

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