Microwave-Neck Heat Pads
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Bio - Shoulder Heating Pad Bio - Shoulder Heating Pad The reusable microwave shoulder heating pad has a ā€œUā€ shape that fits around the neck. The design delivers infrared heat, the safest kind of heat to the shoulder, neck, and upper neck. The type of filler that is inside ensures that the heat pad stays hot for a much longer time than most other pads. The shoulder heating pad when used every day, relieves sore and stiff upper back and shoulder muscles, and stimulates the recovery of the joint problems in the upper back, shoulders, and neck. What the Shoulder Heating Pad is mode of: The Shoulder heating pad contains a loess filler, which is a fine grain clay or silt. The outer layer is made of a unique plastic that will withstand extremely high temperatures. Since the shoulder heat pad has different textures on each side, it can be flipped over in order to change the intensity of the heat.